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Full zankie cuddles (with caleb thirdwheeling) from both angles


I definitely judge this book by the cover 😏🔥


I definitely judge this book by the cover 😏🔥


Whatever we call Nicole and Hayden is my new Big Brother OTP.

Chris Colfer discussing Glee on Access Hollywood Live (July 30, 2014)


Zach just looking for the clicker ;) 


maybe ‘where’s the clicker’ will be our always


i still want something like this to happen to Zankie.

sssssssssssssoooooo bad haha

That pesky clicker ;)


Watching Julie Chen on The Talk. She shared a recent interview with Ariana where she said her father is not a part of her life. Julie explained that for those who are watching BB, that Frankie and Ariana have different fathers, but the same mother.

Since we know the late Frank Grande was their shared grandfather, then Grande is obviously their mom’s maiden name…which they both took. I wonder what Frankie’s father’s surname is.

The photos here are from the Palm Springs White Party this past April…Frankie, Ariana and their mom,Joan.

at the end of the day
caleb reynolds (via tatianamaslnay)


If you haven’t seen BB16 Saga Part 5 yet you haven’t actually lived today yet!

Why don’t you just go naked? I won’t feel weird.


fiiiinaaally found the video where zach tells frankie he can sleep naked. 

Timestamp: 7/28 3:55AM

Zach and Frankie game talk and cuddles 7/28